When Two Become One

Lets face it, all of us girls dream about finding our one true love, someone we can spend the rest of our lives with. We dream of this person from the day we are old enough to realize love means something and its hard to come by. Some people find true love and some don’t, but I truly believe in the saying that “there is someone for everyone” out there. We always say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but we don’t realize how many girls go through life not finding Mr Right. Hopefully you have and this brightens your day – Newly engaged, I thought I’d share my experience and special day!

I’m still not used to the whole “fiancé” thing, so if I slip and write boyfriend anywhere, my apologies.

So it was July 4th and my boyfriend (at the time) and I had just woken up from a relaxing night’s sleep in the W Hotel’s 22nd floor spectacular room. Waking up to the sun gazing in your eyes isn’t exactly wonderful, but having a balcony the size of half of my house and hearing the ocean waves break right beneath us is definitely something I could get used to.

I get up and get ready to head to the pool bright and early – I was so excited to wear my new Vic Secret American flag colored bikini…haha I know, so lame.

Anyways, my boyfriend asked me to go down and reserve chairs at the pool since it was packed for the holiday.

I went down and of course, my luck, have no idea where the pool even is so he tells me to come back up the room and we would go together. I make my way back up and notice two maids staring at something on the door of my hotel room – I shoo them away and realize its a note:


Don’t mind the spelling of Baby Girl, it’s an inside thing we’ve had since we met each other at 18 years old.

So I slowly open the door and find roses covering the entire hotel room tiled floor, leading out to the balcony.


As I make my way to our overly large balcony overlooking the ocean on this gorgeous day, there he is, down on one knee…I think I was in shock a little bit, but I continued outside and he grabbed my hand. From there, it went something like he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him. I was so in shock with the moment and I think he was too. He actually told me after that he had a 5 minute speech prepared but forgot everything in the moment! Oh we’ll, it was totally romantic and everything I had hoped for.

Here are some pictures just to get a visual idea:




Oh yes, and the rock…I must say he did great considering I never ONCE, I repeat, never went with him ring shopping! I gave a few hints here and there but never anything solid.  The W’s hospitality deserves a huge thank you also – endless champagne delivered to the room, cards and chocolate covered strawberries!

Girls, don’t give up on love just because you’ve been hurt once or twice…your Prince Charming is out there and true love does still exist. You may be polar opposites like myself and my fiancé, but who cares! That just makes for a more interesting life and crazier experiences with one another. Everything happens for a reason, just follow your heart and everything will fall into place.

For those of you already engaged, how did your man/woman propose to you? Let me know in the comments below!