Return of the Good Ole’ Days

If you are anything like me, you might hate reading literature but love reading useless stories on Facebook about how fabulous us 90’s kids had it with smelly dry erase markers, capture the flag, inflatable neon chairs, Limited Too, Tomagatchi’s and Furbys…. Read More

Time is of the Essence

Where oh where has my little time gone, oh where oh where can it be? Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how fast time passes us by.  Time is constantly moving, changing, evolving and progressing.  I even Googled the term:  “Time is… Read More

You’ve got mail!

In today’s time, it not uncommon to get lost in our smartphones and tablets, choosing the easy way out to email our clients, partners or even co-workers rather than picking up the phone and dialing out. I get it because I’m guilty…. Read More

A Bigger Look at the Smaller Picture

When you step back in life and are able to take a snapshot from the outside looking in, it’s amazing the things you’ll learn and see, even to those who truly believe they know everything. Today, I learned something valuable. Today, I… Read More

Hiatus Adjourned

Well, hello there!  Okay, I can’t really call my leave of absence a “hiatus” since I technically disappeared off of the face of the earth; however, I must say that I missed the blogging world and I am hopefully back for good…. Read More

Baby FloJo – Week 16

Hello 4 months 😍 This week we played war of the names. My fiancé is thoroughly convinced we are part of the Italian Mob and in some fantasy dream life our kids are named Luciano and Santini (Lucky and Sunny for short)…. Read More

Baby FloJo – Week 15

How is it already week 15? I’m almost 4 months Preggo already? Strange feeling when you don’t feel anything or any different for that matter. Well…nothing’s really changed since last week other than I feel more relaxed, calmer, maybe even happier. Genetic… Read More

Baby FloJo – Week 14

This week was definitely different than the last 13.  I wake up for work at 7am, shower, get ready and by 7:45am I am seriously STARVING.  I never used to eat breakfast before I found out I was pregnant, but obviously since… Read More

Baby FloJo Week 13

This week was a scary week for us. Remember the 17 viles of blood I got taken? Well, I was working from home on a conference call with one of my clients when I saw the doctors number start to beep in… Read More

Baby FloJo Week 12

      Getting  a late start on posting, but late is better then never, right? :] Up until now, Baby FloJo has showed no signs of being in my tummy.  At first I was so confused – there had to be something wrong,… Read More