Return of the Good Ole’ Days

If you are anything like me, you might hate reading literature but love reading useless stories on Facebook about how fabulous us 90’s kids had it with smelly dry erase markers, capture the flag, inflatable neon chairs, Limited Too, Tomagatchi’s and Furbys.  Those were the days…care free.  Nothing to worry about besides whether our Tomagatchi died a terrible ‘death by poop’ after we neglected to clean up the mound off of the screen.

This brings me to current time where my entire life seems to revolve around technology, specifically my 2nd child, “my never leave the house without it child,” “treat it with respect and care and love child”…my iPhone.  Maybe I am exaggerating a little but seriously, I am sure you can agree that this “thing,” this rectangle device that keeps getting larger on each new version release, is like a piece of us.  It might as well be built into our DNA – wait, I don’t want to jinx this.  Humanity has evolved and has become addicted to technology.  It’s crazy to think that just 15 years ago nothing close to this even existed on the market for purchase.  Us late twenty somethings were probably outside playing hide and seek with our friends, getting PHYSICAL activity after our AOL got stuck on the 2nd load screen for 10 minutes with dreadfully slow DSL and our beepers just weren’t high tech enough to keep us occupied for more than one beep!

What changed?  We did, humanity did.  We now solely rely on technology for basically everything.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t use Google maps to get from location A to location B.  I can’t remember the last time I looked at hand written recipes to make banana bread or chicken marsala versus going on Pinterest.  I can’t remember the last time I ordered delivery and didn’t have the option to swipe my credit card on a small white square connected to the actual device.  Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I was without my phone.

Until now…hence the point of my story.  Hang tight, I’m getting there.

Saturday day – I made my husband take a trip to Target with Luca and I…you know, that store where you go in to buy shampoo and leave with $350 worth of crap you didn’t need whatsoever?  Yes, that store.  Never fails.  I of course bought food since I was going to cook that night, we paid at checkout and walked to the car.  It was so dreadfully hot out – the kind of day that makes you wonder why in the world you live in Florida kind of hot out.  We got to the car and Danny put Luca into his car seat while I loaded up the front seat with the packages.  I went to go put the last bag in and had my phone in my other hand when in slow motion I saw my phone slowly trickle and smash face first onto the concrete.  I mean, I’ll be honest – I have dropped it before and it was fine but this was a no brainer.  I picked up the phone and it was shattered into a thousand pieces, glass falling off from every crevice possible.  I was so upset.  This never happens to me.  I ALWAYS have a case.  I had bought a $35 phone screen protector at the mall which lasted 2 days before it cracked and with the phone case the guy sold me, it didn’t allow my charger to fit with the case on it to charge.  #Firstworldproblems. I know.

It was a blessing in disguise.  It reminded me of those care free days when I could enjoy life without lurking other people’s on social media.  My mind was clear for a few hours, phone-less, Instagram-less, Facebook-less.  It felt good, really good, I must say.  I enjoyed a day with family in the pool tanning, eating, drinking and laughing without giving any thought to what Joe Shmoe was doing on his Sunday while I was doing mine.  I sometimes wish it was the good ole’ days again where we didn’t take everything for granted.  Sometimes I just wish my husband and I would eat dinner without staring at our phones for half of our meal.  I sometimes wish that I used my real camera instead of having my son’s life on a black holed photo realm called Instagram.  Thank goodness for my mom who prints his pictures and places each month of his life into a physical photo album for us. He will have all of his memories bundled up in tangible albums for when he is older so he can know what it was like to use those album things us old people used to have growing up.

When I think about Darwin’s Survival of the fittest, I can’t help but think in today’s time it’s really Survival of the most technological.  Technology always wins these days.  It’s our evil but also our advocate.  I’m sure as we advance over the next few decades, technology really will become one with humanity.  For now, I will cherish the few hours of quiet and my shattered iphone.


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Time is of the Essence

Where oh where has my little time gone, oh where oh where can it be?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how fast time passes us by.  Time is constantly moving, changing, evolving and progressing.  I even Googled the term:  “Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them(1).”

It’s a bit crazy to think that just a year ago, my son wasn’t here.  Now, he is almost 9 months old but when I take a second to think about it, it feels like that time was just yesterday when I was sitting in the hospital bed in labor.  Time is a funny thing.  It doesn’t stop for anyone.  You can’t change time, you can only make the best of your time spent doing something or correct it for the time that you will be doing that same thing in the future.  Time has no boundaries, it’s limitless.  You can think about time as a number but really it’s infinite in the broader picture, only limited for the time we spend here on Earth.  I get why time can be linked to religion, philosophy and science but can anyone really define time?  Time is used to define so many individual “things” but is the term itself really defined?

As I thought more about my time so far (almost 27 years to be exact), it really became a blur as to how many memories I couldn’t remember over those nearly 3 decades.  Time passes but we don’t always remember what we have done with our time.  It started to make me think…would I have done anything differently if I could change my time spent, thus far?

Here are my thoughts:

1.  Travel:  I SO would have traveled more.  I think traveling is a beautiful privilege.  I am envious of those who have seen the world and the cultures surrounding it.  Some of you may be saying, “you’re only 27, travel now, travel later, travel whenever you like because you have all of the time in the world left.”  There we go again with the time.  Unfortunately, none of us have all of the time in the world left as we are severely limited with the time we have.  Yes, I may be only 27 but that’s potentially 1/3 of my life lived.  So yes, I would have traveled more before I had a child.  I probably will travel more later in life after my kid or kids are grown but it would have been nice to travel “care free” in my younger, college years.  Maybe to study abroad or take a cruise around Europe.  I think traveling teaches things that can’t be taught through text books or words.  It instills other values in us as we learn the ways of people around the world.  I have been to Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico and a bunch of Caribbean cruises but ideally, I would travel globally to far off places like Thailand, Japan and Bali.  My husband on the other hand would stay in our cozy home and never travel – He would be that guy you stare at the entire flight in the seat next to you on the airplane wearing a germ mask!  He insists it’s unsafe, we will get sick and oh, did I mention cruises are completely out of the question because we will get a disease in such small living quarters?…I’ll convince him one of these days.

 2.  Stress Less:  I think I was born this way and maybe there are others out there like me but I find that I stress way too much about things that are out of my control.  I wake up everyday before work with a knot in my stomach thinking about projects I haven’t gotten to yet or if someone else on my team didn’t finish work that I need to present to my clients.  I stress about going to the doctor – what if something is wrong with me?  I stress about my son – should he be eating these foods at this age or is he perfectly normal?  Stress is inevitable in certain situations but I would and need to stress less about unpreventable situations and things in life.  Lately, I have been trying to practice Yoga in my house.  I found fabulous Yoga videos (30 day Yoga challenge for instance) on my Apple TV and I am hopeful that getting into a routine, will help me stress less!

3.   Do for Yourself:  I finally caved and got my FIRST facial a few weeks ago.  I had never gotten one – not that I didn’t want one…I just never found the time to have “ME TIME” at a spa.  Regardless of it costing $250 for a regular facial + collagen mask (yup, $250), it was worth every penny.  I got to get away from mommy life for a few hours and enjoy the day out getting pampered.  It made me feel revitalized, calm and de-stressed.  Yes, I could have gone to the mall and bought clothes with that money but it was much better spent at the spa, I must say.  That was my first and NOT my last spa day.  I am going to make it a point to have “me time” once every 2 months or so.  I need it – I’m sure other people have their ways of de-stressing outside of spas…what’s your calm place?

Do you think your time is spent wisely?  What would you do differently if you could turn back time?

Remember…time is always of the essence.



You’ve got mail!

In today’s time, it not uncommon to get lost in our smartphones and tablets, choosing the easy way out to email our clients, partners or even co-workers rather than picking up the phone and dialing out. I get it because I’m guilty. Or at least I used to be. I remember keenly interning for a company that accepted me in my last year of college to help with some backend cleanup of their system and assist with basic social media. Fast forward 2 months and I was offered a full time position as an Account Manager. We were a young group so it was no surprise most of us were fresh into the job force, still learning how to be professional, organized and efficient at our jobs. I was switched around in positions during my tenure at the company but I specifically remember being petrified every time my calendar reminder popped up on my Apple lap top screen reminding me of my call with a client or vendor in 15 minutes. What in the world was I supposed to talk about? What if I didn’t know the answer to their questions? All of these terrifying “what ifs” would run through my head each and every time I had a conference call. This phobia stayed with me from that job to my next job where it was even scarier because I was so unfamiliar with the industry. Cyber security. I remember it like yesterday. So many cyber attacks and so little time to demo our product to wiggle our way into helping companies battle hackers. I came in knowing nothing, no job position, just a boss that believed I had what it took to do something useful in the company. I remember applying for the job on Craigslist and thinking nothing of it. When I received the call to come for an interview at a Diner nonetheless, I thought it was a scary scam. I had my boyfriend at the time, now husband, follow me to the interview; that’s how nervous I was. It ended up being legit and I had my next interview with a group of executives, way out of my league, asking me questions about cyber security I hadn’t the slightest idea about. I still got the job. I sat at the front desk and being my usual self, I was intrigued by how intricate a mind had to be to build a product being used by billion dollar companies and government officials. How could a normal human think of such technology? I was bored with the front desk in about …3 days? I decided I was going to soak in any information I could so I could move on up. I started helping the SOC (secure operations center) place and manage orders for enormous clients around the globe. I worked under some who left willingly and unwillingly. It was a wild experience to say the least. One day, the president of the company asked me to put a PowerPoint together for a partner training on the product. We needed to expand more rapidly into other verticals and partner networks could be the key. I put together a PowerPoint for the large training that would happen the next day. 5pm rolls around and I get a call from the president, “great PowerPoint – I won’t be in tomorrow so you’ll do the demo.” My first thought…WHAT? With my pre-existing phone phobia, how could I even think of doing a face to face training? I hadn’t done a presentation since my 30 page business plan in entrepreneurship class 2 years prior. Not to mention, I really wasn’t familiar with the industry still. He insisted I do it even though I tried to back out. I rehearsed that night aloud to myself about 3 times and then reminded myself…JoAnna, you know this stuff. If you don’t, improvise. Yeah, easier said then done. I get to the meeting the next day dressed in my suit to find the CEO with a video camera and tripod – he wanted to video the training! All of the employees also joined the oval conference table. Now, I was sweating. This can’t be real. I paced around while all of the partners took their seats with the agendas and PowerPoint I had printed for them. The room was crowded…really crowded. I started. I definitely stumbled a few times but i reiterated that it was informal and everyone should feel free to jump in at any time. It made it more interactive, less nerve wracking. I made it through my first presentation. It wasn’t in front of a 5000 person crowded but 30 people was large enough to start. I watched myself back on tape and it actually wasn’t that bad – better than I expected. I needed to see the glass half full instead of half empty. I doubted myself because I never felt comfortable besides when I hid behind my emails. I knew I could articulate well in an email but it takes much more to actually talk to someone or a group face to face. Fast forward to my next job and I was faced with a marketing and sales position, constantly talking at ridiculously early or late hours to international customers on the other side of the globe. I was pushed out of my comfort zone again and although when you’re in the situation you don’t necessarily realize the benefits, I look back and perceive that portion of my career crucial in helping me feel comfortable with clients. And now…in my most current position – I will admit, there are still times when I feel a bit uneasy about a presentation or call but I remind myself that there’s a solution to all problems and if the question can’t be answered then, it can be answered later. I’m not the type of person to over prepare for tests or meetings. If I don’t know it, I most likely won’t know it in an hour or a day or two days when I have a call or presentation. Clients and vendors and coworkers are human too – we must not forget that. We strive to be the best but everyone makes mistakes – people accept them as long as you don’t make the same mistake over and over again. In all of this, I feel as though I have come a long way from my call and presentation phobia. I remind myself to just be me, be real. Don’t lie, don’t circle around the truth. I think this has helped me to form better relationships along the way. If I think something will or won’t work for a campaign, I’ll tell you. That’s my duty – take it or leave it but at least I was able to communicate it. I now feel as though I don’t have to hide behind my emails to communicate. I willingly pick up the phone regardless of whether it’s a small question. It’s good to hear voices – it’s good to have verbal conversations where the tone of you and the person on the other end can be determined more effectively than in email. Yes, I still do email constantly but when I look back on how scared I was to have a mere phone conference 4.5 years ago, I just have to giggle at myself. I’ve come a long way and for that I feel proud.

What do you think is the best way to communicate? Phone or email?


A Bigger Look at the Smaller Picture

When you step back in life and are able to take a snapshot from the outside looking in, it’s amazing the things you’ll learn and see, even to those who truly believe they know everything. Today, I learned something valuable. Today, I learned something not so new, but surprising because it’s something I thought I would never experience. I never envisioned having a child when I was 26, let alone being able to bring on a full time Nanny to do all of the motherly tasks I cannot do while my husband and I work. I never envisioned any of it to be honest. I envisioned myself moving up the corporate ladder until my career peaked, monotony took over and by that point, I would be able to stay home anyways. Life doesn’t always work out with the plans you have in mind. As I was saying, today, I learned something valuable. On Monday, my nanny told me her and her husband would be moving to Fort Lauderdale so next Friday would be her last day since the commute would be too far north for her. I felt sweaty and nervous when she told me the news; who wants to have two weeks to find a replacement for someone caring for their child? I started looking but planned on phone interviewing over the weekend, aka tomorrow. The end of day today came and I walked out of my home office at the usual 5:30pm to see my son beaming with smiles and giggles from ear to ear as soon as he saw me come around the corner. It’s crazy how the little things in life make you so grateful after you see those traits passed on to a child you’ve created. Everything your mom always said was true – we all just never believe it until it’s a reality in our own lives. The nanny, standing in the kitchen, thanks me for the opportunity…I was startled. I said, “wait, you’re coming back until next Friday.” She continued to say no, this Friday. The language barrier confused her with this versus next Friday. Today was her last day, I just wasn’t aware of it. I was upset and flustered but thanked her and said my son would miss her – what else could I do? Beg her to come back next week? She proceeded to walk out of my front door like she had never even watched my son. 6 months of growing, learning, developing since my baby was 5.5 weeks old and not a single tear shed, not one emotional bone in her body. She left like she never existed. It hit me then. A job is just a job. I always knew it was but it took today to make me realize that it’s really just that, a job. I couldn’t be mad at her, how could I be? She wasn’t hired to love him, she was hired to take care of him as her job. All this time, I would tell people, “my nanny loves Luca” but in actuality, she was just doing her job. He loved her because it was all he knew during the week and he’s not developed mentally enough to know that’s not a person to be a “forever” figure in his life. She was good at her job and it was an illusion to me, his mother, that she loved him. It turns out, a not so positive day turned into a valuable lesson in my life. I think all of us do it but don’t realize it. Some more than others, some less. If you walked out of your job tomorrow, would you have regret or be able to move forward without remorse because it was just that, a job?

Hiatus Adjourned

Well, hello there!  Okay, I can’t really call my leave of absence a “hiatus” since I technically disappeared off of the face of the earth; however, I must say that I missed the blogging world and I am hopefully back for good.  If you look at my page, it looks like I was 4 months pregnant and life as we know it ended after that (not really, but you get the picture).  It is actually the TOTAL opposite.  To sum it all up without boring you to tears, basically, my fiance’ and I got married with a small group of family and friends when I was 5 months pregnant.   After that, we vigorously house hunted for what seemed to be an eternity of getting our hopes and dreams up – kind of worse than buying a car.  I never really believed in the saying “good things come to those who wait,” but hey, we ended up getting a not so dreamy house in a beautiful gated neighborhood and were blessed enough to be able to redo the entire house.  Mind you, the ENTIRE renovation happened in a 30 day period.  As you can see, I am still pretty shocked about this myself – I have to give props to my manly man husband for taking the initiative while my fat pregnant self stuffed my face with a gallon of ice cream a night on the couch in our old townhouse while he rented machines to knock down walls, rip of carpet, demo the entire kitchen, etc.  I seriously thought we would have the baby without a house or at least without a working house…but oh my gosh was I wrong!  My hub had made a reno list (picture below) and he stuck to his guns and made the magic happen.  The only thing not functioning when we moved in was the dishwasher but really, who can complain when the entire rest of the house was completely renovated and gorgeous?  I was the commander in my old house – I kind of felt like Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda calling the orders from my home away from home while my husband slaved away.  I guess that is a perk of being pregnant 🙂

In the midst of getting married, renovating and being pregnant, I was still working full time until I was 39 weeks pregnant.  I was lucky enough to be able to work from home which helped a lot at the very end.  I told myself on Thursday, July 10th, that that Friday, July 11th would be my last official day working.  I wanted to have the weekend off and the next four days before my due date on July 15th to just relax before our son came.  Well..he had other plans.  Sure enough, that Thursday 9am, my water broke and we were rushing like maniacs down to the hospital (which mind you…was still near our old house 40 minutes south—during RUSH HOUR).  I thought my husband was going to drive on the side of the highway…you know, in the lane that’s not really the lane…Anyhow, we made it there – I was started on petocin and told I wouldn’t have the baby until the next day because I was only 1cm dialted at 12pm.  I got my epidural at 2:30pm and the nurse had never checked me since I got there – she said it can cause infection after your water breaks.  Two minutes after my epidural I felt like I needed to push and the nurse said I was 10 cm dialted.  Another long story short, my epidural never worked because I had to push two minutes later since I was 10cm (probably the entire time).  It was a horrible experience to say the VERY least; however, our little Luca Alexander was born 7lbs, 19.25 inches on July 10th and he was sooooo freakin adorable.  I couldn’t stop staring at him.  How did we make this little create with these huge blue/gray eyes, cutest little nose and adorable little face?

This is already getting long and I promised it wouldn’t so I will just say motherhood is the best thing EVER.  If you have a shitty day, you just take one look at your child and it makes it all go away.  Their laugher is infectious; their smiles are contagious.  It’s all so fun.  That being said, I am SO not ready for another any time in the near or far future, but for now, we will enjoy our little Luca Bean and live happily ever after 🙂

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Baby FloJo – Week 16

Hello 4 months 😍

This week we played war of the names. My fiancé is thoroughly convinced we are part of the Italian Mob and in some fantasy dream life our kids are named Luciano and Santini (Lucky and Sunny for short). Haha. That didn’t go over too well with me – I’m jewish, he’s half Venezuelan – can’t name our poor kid Luciano lol. Don’t get me wrong, I love the name, just not for our son. We are still in the debating phase so I’ll post a final name choice later on! I’ve realized after telling twenty different people our name choices and getting twenty different people’s opinions, I don’t care what people think (sorry guys). You just know in your heart what you can picture calling your kid and that’s just what you stick with. People can tell you the name you’re thinking about reminds them of an ugly obese baboon and you’ll just brush it off like they said it reminds you of a vase of beautiful roses. Don’t ask people’s opinions – just discuss between you and your husband and go with it! You’re going to be the one calling him or her that for the rest of your lives, not the other people who have opinions about it.

In other news, we began our search for baby furniture! I felt a bit psycho looking this early but when I found the right set, I totally felt better about my premature decision to shop. We searched online a lot but didn’t feel comfortable ordering expensive furniture without seeing it in person. I found a place in Boca called Prince and Princesses, which carried the furniture I originally wanted called Brat Decor. Thank goodnessssss I waited to go see it and didn’t order online! It looked nothing like the pictures online and was super expensive. As I looked around, I fell in love with another brand called Romina. The furniture is made in Romania with all organic glues, etc. Everything they make is gorgeous and so sturdy. The drawers are self closing on tracks, which we absolutely loved. I had my fiancé come back the next day with my Grandma and mom to take a look and we all decided it was the one. We wanted to get something we could keep for a long time and not just for a few years. The crib is convertible into a full size bed when the time comes. My grandma and parents were awesome enough to get us the furniture for baby FloJo and we are super excited! It does take 4 months to get here, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. We need to find a house first anyways, so the timing is perfect for us. I suggest looking earlier rather than later if you want any made to order furniture because 4-6 months is a pretty long time!

Other than that, I have to admit the second I found out it was a boy, my credit cards have been yelling at me to stop spending money on clothes! I seriously went insane guys. The day after we found out, his stepmom took me to Sawgrass mall where we did a quick 45 minute sweep and bought about 20 outfits – Quickest shopping spree I’ve ever experienced. That’s when it happened…my love for baby clothes sank in and I just went totally and utterly insane. By the next day, I was already at Old Navy, Gap, TJ Max, polo online (still waiting for my package of about 10 more outfits from there). I’ve posted just two pictures below of the huge wardrobe this kid already has. My worst fear is going to the doctor for the real ultrasound on the 24th and the nurse saying, “congrats, it’s a girl.” Ahhh okay no more negative thinking. It’s a boy, we saw it’s thing on the ultrasound…crossing my fingers haha – I think all of the clothes had a 30 day exchange policy even – oh well – all I care about is that the baby’s healthy and happy!









Baby FloJo – Week 15

How is it already week 15? I’m almost 4 months Preggo already? Strange feeling when you don’t feel anything or any different for that matter. Well…nothing’s really changed since last week other than I feel more relaxed, calmer, maybe even happier. Genetic tests, down syndrome… blah all of that gives off bad vibes. Now I just feel back to my normal OCD self, looking at Buy Buy baby every 10 minutes and reminding myself I have no clue what half of the contraptions on there are even for. It’s pretty scary lol – I probably should educate myself. But really, a 35 pound stroller or car seat or whatever I was looking at? This thoroughly convinced me I need to get on my House Hunters game before I get stuck carrying a 35 pound car seat with a one pound peanut sized newborn baby up 3 flights of steps in my house. I can’t even carry groceries up, so let’s get serious here – not happening! I didn’t gain any weight last week when I went to the doctors and people tell me I don’t look pregnant, but I’m def getting chunky. My doctor said you can lose your hips and just your stomach starts growing to make room for the baby – psh, well see what happens. The doctor forewarned us that men get Preggo too while their wives are pregnant…I’m starting to see the truth in this statement lol.

Preggo probz this week – TMI sorry peeps, but you’ll thank me one day when you’re knocked up. I work in Hollywood BFE in a suntrust building on the second floor. Well, today at around 1pm, the entire buildings water system decided to stop working and hence, an out of order sign was put on the bathrooms. Like come on? Every floors bathrooms are out of order for 4 hours? Being Preggo makes you a thirsty wildabeast, not even exaggerating. I wake up gasping for water, make my fiancé go downstairs to get me a bottle and chug the whole thing like I’ve lived in the Amazon rainforest for years without a drink. Okay, maybe a bit exaggerated, but you get the point.

My doctor told me not to be a nut and just wait until 20 weeks to get the anatomy ultrasound done, but I decided at work today I’m way too impatient for that. A guy I work with told me about a place that does Ultrasounds, so I am going on Saturday to see if we can find out if it’s a boy or girl! Sooo excited 🙂

Update: We ended up choosing a different place called 4d picture perfect in Fort Laud for the gender ultrasound. I usually don’t highly recommend places, but the people here were AWESOME. 8 people are allowed in the room with you and there’s a big screen on the wall for everyone to watch up close. We invited our moms and they were super excited. The tech was so funny; she noticed within a minute that there was a ding dong smack in the middle of our baby’s legs, spread eagle, baby had no shame. Determined: baby FloJo is a boy! Danny was so excited that he started calling people in the middle of the ultrasound – I started screaming at him of course, but seriously we are really happy. He told me he did voodoo on my body last night before bed to make sure it was a boy today (real normal lol). I’m so excited I know and can start my registry! I still don’t feel pregnant but whatevs, making the best of it and still taking advantage of my skin tight clothes while I can 🙂

The place gives you ample time to get close and personal with your little peanut on the screen and they do a sneak peak of the 4d – caution: your baby will look like an alien at this point – I was kind of scared to be honest lol. They also give you a CD with all of the pictures and then you get to choose two to print out right there. Overall great experience and I highly recommend. I’m going to go back for the 4d ultrasound later on.

We wanted to keep the gender a secret to the social media world but that idea quickly went out the window when every person we know posted about it. I still wanted to have a cute reveal pic for the scrap book we are making (with all of the weekly chalkboard updates), so we got a huge 30in box (mind you a box costs $25? Since when?). We painted a black heart and then wrote “it’s a …?” At first we tried to have the helium balloons fly out on their own from the box, but omg harder than it looks. We ended up taking clear lanyard and tying all of the balloons with the string, then taping each one in the box. I think it came out cute for a last minute DIY project!

How far along? 15 Weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: not sure from the last doc visit till now

Maternity clothes? Nope, still in my regulars

Sleep:  no Bueno

Best moment this week:   find out we are having a boy and seeing the look on Danny’s face

Miss Anything? Still sleeping – I wake up at 7 on the weekends now 😔

Movement: Not yet

Food cravings: Girl scout cookies

Anything making you queasy or sick: I don’t want Mexican sushi rolls anymore 😬 ugh

Have you started to show yet: Still not a round belly, but maybe a little more than before

Gender prediction: Boy

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time: Less moody, more of the happy

Looking forward to:  Creating the baby registry and shopping!









us discombobulated, Surprise surprise lol Danny doesn’t like art projects that take more than 30 seconds max 20140125-234720.jpg


the Grannies, so excited it’s a boy! 20140125-234737.jpg

finally got it right!20140125-234743.jpg