Return of the Good Ole’ Days

If you are anything like me, you might hate reading literature but love reading useless stories on Facebook about how fabulous us 90’s kids had it with smelly dry erase markers, capture the flag, inflatable neon chairs, Limited Too, Tomagatchi’s and Furbys.  Those were the days…care free.  Nothing to worry about besides whether our Tomagatchi died a terrible ‘death by poop’ after we neglected to clean up the mound off of the screen.

This brings me to current time where my entire life seems to revolve around technology, specifically my 2nd child, “my never leave the house without it child,” “treat it with respect and care and love child”…my iPhone.  Maybe I am exaggerating a little but seriously, I am sure you can agree that this “thing,” this rectangle device that keeps getting larger on each new version release, is like a piece of us.  It might as well be built into our DNA – wait, I don’t want to jinx this.  Humanity has evolved and has become addicted to technology.  It’s crazy to think that just 15 years ago nothing close to this even existed on the market for purchase.  Us late twenty somethings were probably outside playing hide and seek with our friends, getting PHYSICAL activity after our AOL got stuck on the 2nd load screen for 10 minutes with dreadfully slow DSL and our beepers just weren’t high tech enough to keep us occupied for more than one beep!

What changed?  We did, humanity did.  We now solely rely on technology for basically everything.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t use Google maps to get from location A to location B.  I can’t remember the last time I looked at hand written recipes to make banana bread or chicken marsala versus going on Pinterest.  I can’t remember the last time I ordered delivery and didn’t have the option to swipe my credit card on a small white square connected to the actual device.  Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I was without my phone.

Until now…hence the point of my story.  Hang tight, I’m getting there.

Saturday day – I made my husband take a trip to Target with Luca and I…you know, that store where you go in to buy shampoo and leave with $350 worth of crap you didn’t need whatsoever?  Yes, that store.  Never fails.  I of course bought food since I was going to cook that night, we paid at checkout and walked to the car.  It was so dreadfully hot out – the kind of day that makes you wonder why in the world you live in Florida kind of hot out.  We got to the car and Danny put Luca into his car seat while I loaded up the front seat with the packages.  I went to go put the last bag in and had my phone in my other hand when in slow motion I saw my phone slowly trickle and smash face first onto the concrete.  I mean, I’ll be honest – I have dropped it before and it was fine but this was a no brainer.  I picked up the phone and it was shattered into a thousand pieces, glass falling off from every crevice possible.  I was so upset.  This never happens to me.  I ALWAYS have a case.  I had bought a $35 phone screen protector at the mall which lasted 2 days before it cracked and with the phone case the guy sold me, it didn’t allow my charger to fit with the case on it to charge.  #Firstworldproblems. I know.

It was a blessing in disguise.  It reminded me of those care free days when I could enjoy life without lurking other people’s on social media.  My mind was clear for a few hours, phone-less, Instagram-less, Facebook-less.  It felt good, really good, I must say.  I enjoyed a day with family in the pool tanning, eating, drinking and laughing without giving any thought to what Joe Shmoe was doing on his Sunday while I was doing mine.  I sometimes wish it was the good ole’ days again where we didn’t take everything for granted.  Sometimes I just wish my husband and I would eat dinner without staring at our phones for half of our meal.  I sometimes wish that I used my real camera instead of having my son’s life on a black holed photo realm called Instagram.  Thank goodness for my mom who prints his pictures and places each month of his life into a physical photo album for us. He will have all of his memories bundled up in tangible albums for when he is older so he can know what it was like to use those album things us old people used to have growing up.

When I think about Darwin’s Survival of the fittest, I can’t help but think in today’s time it’s really Survival of the most technological.  Technology always wins these days.  It’s our evil but also our advocate.  I’m sure as we advance over the next few decades, technology really will become one with humanity.  For now, I will cherish the few hours of quiet and my shattered iphone.


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