Baby FloJo – Week 16

Hello 4 months 😍

This week we played war of the names. My fiancé is thoroughly convinced we are part of the Italian Mob and in some fantasy dream life our kids are named Luciano and Santini (Lucky and Sunny for short). Haha. That didn’t go over too well with me – I’m jewish, he’s half Venezuelan – can’t name our poor kid Luciano lol. Don’t get me wrong, I love the name, just not for our son. We are still in the debating phase so I’ll post a final name choice later on! I’ve realized after telling twenty different people our name choices and getting twenty different people’s opinions, I don’t care what people think (sorry guys). You just know in your heart what you can picture calling your kid and that’s just what you stick with. People can tell you the name you’re thinking about reminds them of an ugly obese baboon and you’ll just brush it off like they said it reminds you of a vase of beautiful roses. Don’t ask people’s opinions – just discuss between you and your husband and go with it! You’re going to be the one calling him or her that for the rest of your lives, not the other people who have opinions about it.

In other news, we began our search for baby furniture! I felt a bit psycho looking this early but when I found the right set, I totally felt better about my premature decision to shop. We searched online a lot but didn’t feel comfortable ordering expensive furniture without seeing it in person. I found a place in Boca called Prince and Princesses, which carried the furniture I originally wanted called Brat Decor. Thank goodnessssss I waited to go see it and didn’t order online! It looked nothing like the pictures online and was super expensive. As I looked around, I fell in love with another brand called Romina. The furniture is made in Romania with all organic glues, etc. Everything they make is gorgeous and so sturdy. The drawers are self closing on tracks, which we absolutely loved. I had my fiancé come back the next day with my Grandma and mom to take a look and we all decided it was the one. We wanted to get something we could keep for a long time and not just for a few years. The crib is convertible into a full size bed when the time comes. My grandma and parents were awesome enough to get us the furniture for baby FloJo and we are super excited! It does take 4 months to get here, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. We need to find a house first anyways, so the timing is perfect for us. I suggest looking earlier rather than later if you want any made to order furniture because 4-6 months is a pretty long time!

Other than that, I have to admit the second I found out it was a boy, my credit cards have been yelling at me to stop spending money on clothes! I seriously went insane guys. The day after we found out, his stepmom took me to Sawgrass mall where we did a quick 45 minute sweep and bought about 20 outfits – Quickest shopping spree I’ve ever experienced. That’s when it happened…my love for baby clothes sank in and I just went totally and utterly insane. By the next day, I was already at Old Navy, Gap, TJ Max, polo online (still waiting for my package of about 10 more outfits from there). I’ve posted just two pictures below of the huge wardrobe this kid already has. My worst fear is going to the doctor for the real ultrasound on the 24th and the nurse saying, “congrats, it’s a girl.” Ahhh okay no more negative thinking. It’s a boy, we saw it’s thing on the ultrasound…crossing my fingers haha – I think all of the clothes had a 30 day exchange policy even – oh well – all I care about is that the baby’s healthy and happy!









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